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Antegra Consulting is a consulting company, which provides professional services in the area of business process automation at medium-sized and large enterprises.

Antegra Consulting offers business management solutions based on the state-of-the-art easy-to-maintain 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform.
Our company provides such services as:

  • Automation of corporate business processes based on 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform;
  • Integration of 1C series software products with corporate systems (SAP, Parus, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Oracle, various automated billing systems, etc.);
  • Automation of GAAP and IAS accounting;
  • Translation of 1C series software products interface into foreign languages;
  • Installation of software products on servers located abroad;
  • Our company has designed a module of CitiDirect Online Banking system integration with 1C Platform.

All services provided by Antegra Consulting are certified to ISO 9001:2008.




The Antegra Consulting’s quality management system has been designed based on ISO 9001:2008 considering the specifics of our company’s business processes and is a result of the whole company’s continuous work regarding improvement and optimization of the processes included in the quality system application area.

The scope of the quality system is provision by Antegra Consulting of comprehensive services dealt with automation of management and accounting at the Customer’s enterprise including consulting services, assistance in choosing a software product, its sale, training of personnel, designing, development, commissioning and maintenance of information systems based on 1C software products.

The main competitive advantage and pride of Antegra Consulting are the company’s specialists. In twelve years we have created a team where the employees’ talent is capable to implement our clients’ boldest projects. Each of the employees possesses professional knowledge in the accounting and management area supported both by a theoretical basis and a practical experience gained in multiple successful projects.
The high competence of the company’s specialists is also evidenced by:


  • 1C Certificates. The company’s specialists are certified both in the area of using standard program and with regard to complex 1C:Enterprise Platform subsystems: budgeting, IAS, Industrial Enterprise Management.
  • Professional Accountant Certificates. Antegra Consulting’ programmers-consultants have qualifying Professional Accountant Certificates.
  • Antegra Consulting employs certified instructors and project managers who underwent relevant certification.
  • Antegra Consulting’ specialists speak at seminars, conduct their workshops and are authors of articles published in the printed media and in popular Internet resources.
  • Antegra Consulting’ employees have personal reference letters from the company’s Clients.
  • Nearly 30% of the company’s employees are graduates with honours. Antegra Consulting’ specialists have been graduated from Russia’s leading higher educational institutions.
  • The system of specialist internal certification that makes it possible to objectively assess the employees’ professional skills and to build further personal development plans.

The Antegra Consulting team has been successfully working in the Russian IT market since 2000.

At present, Antegra Consulting is one of the leading 1C partners in Russia and CIS.

By this time the company has successfully completed more than 200 automation projects with the total number of workstations comprising several thousands.


Nearly 80% of Antegra Consulting Company’s clients are representative offices of foreign companies in Russia.

Among our clients are:

  • DHL;
  • Enel OGK-5;
  • ASCENT Clinical Research Solutions;
  • Novartis;
  • Medi Rus;
  • UniCredit Leasing;
  • Subaru Motor;
  • Pierre Fabre;
  • Linklaters etc.

We are also working with large Russian companies such as:

  • MosPromStroy;
  • Gazprom Gaznadzor;
  • A number of lending institutions.


Our company has developed a software for automation of credit institutions. One of these programms to automate Payroll and HR Management received the certificate "Compatible! System 1C: Enterprise". 

Another program we plan to certify in the near future. 


You can find additional information about 1C Company and 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform software products on the 1C official website.

Description of 1C main software products:


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